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Welcome to GCSEPod – A whole new way to learn & revise!

Welcome to GCSEPod – A whole new way to learn & revise!Revision isn’t fun.
That’s what they say. But the folks here at gcsepod don’t agree and we’ve been going to great lengths to prove it!
No honestly, we actually have.
Because we’ve spent the last two years chasing a dream, starting a business and searching the country for some of the most inspiring and dynamic educators
…And we’ve finally made it
Because today marks the official launch of GCSEPod – our premium range of all-inclusive, all-conquering study guides.
It’s been a while in the making and whilst we don’t have all our titles available right now we’ll be using this space to keep you updated whilst commenting on education in the news and from some of our favourite blogs. We’ll be inviting your questions, your comments and most importantly your opinions as we explore a new and exciting way to learn & revise on the move!
So why not get involved? Because we’re excited about our future & we want to share it with you!

Welcome to GCSEPod – A whole new way to learn & revise!

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  • Bigash_9

    love this it helps alot with revisin xx

  • paisley

    well not very well because you spelled revision wrong 

  • Matt Close

    This is extremely helpful for revision

  • GCSEPod Team

    Thank you Matt! We’re delighted to hear that GCSEPod is helping you with your revision. Thanks for letting us know! Warm regards.