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Specification specifics

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

We often get asked by GCSE students whether GCSEpod will be useful for them and whether the content they need to know will be covered. The short answer is yes.

 Whatever UK exam board specification you follow at school – whether it’s AQA English, Edexcel Religious Studies or OCR Geography – GCSEpod has (or soon will have!) the information that you need to know covered.

Ian Thompson, company director and the man behind the research and design for GCSEpod, explains more:

“For each of the GCSE subjects that we cover we examine and analyse the six UK examination board specifications. The content contained in one examination board specification is the same content that schools use as a guide for teaching material and often tends to be similar to the content contained in other examination board specifications. Breaking down the content for each examination board ensures that we can create audiobooks that will satisfy the learning and revision needs of any student sitting for any of the six examination boards.

 “Our policy is to ensure that the content included in any topic or title contains enough information to satisfy the revision and learning needs of any student studying for their GCSE exams. “

You can double check for yourself as well. Just click on any title and the exam board relevance icons will tell you which board specifications are covered in that title. If you don’t know which exam board specification you are studying, just ask your teachers at school.

Specification specifics