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Case Study: Intensive Rice Farming in the Ganges Delta

Subjects / Geography / Farming

Price: £1.95 Duration: 13mins Full topic price: £14.95

South East Asia is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Over a billion people live in India alone. Rice is the staple, or main, food crop. South East Asia is also home to some of the poorest people on the planet who depend on rice to survive.  Without this staple crop over a billion people would potentially face starvation. This case study will examine the location, physical and human factors, as well as the problems and solutions of rice farming in the Ganges Delta.

Author: Jennifer Pendlebury Publisher: GCSEPod®
Narrator: Stuart Blackburn ISBN: 978-1-84906-346-3
Video ISBN: 978-1-84906-846-8


  1. Background
  2. The Technicalities of Rice Farming in the Ganges Delta
  3. Problems, Solutions and Management

Exam Board Relevance

  • Edxcel
  • AQA
  • CEA
  • IGCSE (EdExcel)
  • OCR
  • SQA
  • WJEC
  • IGCSE (CiE)

Includes original GCSEPod image art. Additional pictorial images created by Damon Smith

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Curriculum and Exam Board Information

Key Issues



  • A consideration of whether these changes can lead to sustainable development
  • Recall specific information about a study of intensive wet rice farming, to include any advances that have taken place
  • Traditional subsistence rice farming and the changes to the people / environment brought about by technological changes linked with the green revolution


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