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Case Study: The Sahel

Subjects / Geography / Farming

Price: £1.95 Duration: 15mins Full topic price: £14.95

The Sahel is the name given to the region of Africa that is just south of the Sahara desert. It is an area where desertification is taking place. Desertification is the process by which previously usable land is turned into desert. The countries of the Sahel region include Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan and Ethiopia. These are some of the poorest countries in Africa and, as such, have difficulty coping with the consequences of desertification. Chapter one will explain the causes of desertification, while chapter two will describe some of the effects of desertification. Chapter three considers what can be done to reduce the impact of desertification and drought in the Sahel, including the work of Non-Governmental Organisations, or NGOs.

This Case Study is also available in the topics: Ecosystems; Water Supply; Weather and Climate; Development

Author: Helen Nurton Publisher: GCSEPod®
Narrator: Stuart Blackburn ISBN: 978-1-84906-332-6
Video ISBN: 978-1-84906-832-1


  1. The Causes of Desertification
  2. The Effects of Desertification
  3. What can be done to help the Sahel region?

Exam Board Relevance

  • Edxcel
  • AQA
  • CEA
  • IGCSE (EdExcel)
  • OCR
  • SQA
  • WJEC
  • IGCSE (CiE)

Includes original GCSEPod image art. Additional pictorial images created by Damon Smith

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