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Self and Family

Subjects / Spanish / Personal and Social Life

Price: £2.95 Duration: 38mins Full topic price: £4.95

In this title we're going to look at topics ranging from describing yourself to talking about your family. We will also deal with talking about where you are from and your daily routine. Throughout the title we will deal with various grammatical points, particularly the present tense. Grammar sometimes gets negative press for being boring, but getting to grips with it provides you with an excellent framework for performing well in Spanish. When you have mastered the rules it will give you a buzz when you get the correct answer, just like when you solve an equation correctly in maths. After you've listened to the Spanish speakers, don't be afraid to repeat their pronunciation.Concentrating on this will undoubtedly improve your confidence in Spanish and your final grade.

Author: James Hughes Publisher: GCSEPod®
Narrator: Jacky Collins and Carmen Lara Quesada ISBN: 978-1-84906-472-9
Video ISBN: 978-1-84906-972-4


  1. The Individual
  2. Family
  3. Where are you from?
  4. Daily Routine
  5. Household Chores

Exam Board Relevance

  • Edxcel
  • AQA
  • CEA
  • IGCSE (EdExcel)
  • OCR
  • SQA
  • WJEC
  • IGCSE (CiE)

Includes original GCSEPod image art. Additional pictorial images created by Alexander Davies.

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Curriculum and Exam Board Information

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